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You need to know how to develop business if you do business and you should know your business position according to the modern world. You can develop your business when you can sell products to the foreign markets. You can compare your business with the foreign business as if you can take your business to the best position. Now you can take your business to the top if you use the internet. From the internet, you can learn many things what you cannot learn from your local area. You have to be attentive for learning new things and you have to skilled. You will not find any better way without internet.
Wireless internet is the best option for you and you can keep you connected with the internet if you use wireless internet or Wi-Fi. The wi-fi wireless internet is the best thing than any other wireless internet connection. Usually, wireless internet is very expensive and many people cannot use operator based wireless internet connection due to the monthly expense but Wi-Fi internet is not expensive. You need a router if you want to setup Wi-Fi network at your home or office. Buy a router that performs well and perfectly suit your demand.
The router does not convert your internet connection auto. You have to set this device properly and you have to configure the device as if you can find the device useful. If you do not know how to configure the device and setup all settings, then you should not worry. Every manufacturer of the router gives a guide to assist the users to configure the device and setup all settings. So, the configuration and setup settings do not remain difficult anymore. You have to follow instruction if you want to become successful and use the Wi-Fi internet connection.
Before setup the router settings, you have to configure the device and connect the device to the computer. In the YouTube site, you may get the configuration video. If such videos are available for your router, then you should watch those videos for proper configuration. However, the configuration of the router is not very hard thing if you can follow the guide and other reading materials. When you have completed the router configuration, now turn on the computer. Because you have to setup settings and here you should maintain the router manual. Now collect some data like default IP address, username, and password.
You need a web browser if you want to login to the router and setup setting. If your router comes with any application, then you should use that application. On the browser, you have to use an IP address what has come with the device as data. The IP address will request the router to send the form where the user can type the username and password. But if the IP address is not valid like, then you must not see the login form where you can use the login detail. Because the IP address is not formed properly or not made based on the IP address rules.
According to the IP address formation rules, the IP address should be made of numbers and dots are used according to decimal. According to this rule, the above IP address is correct. But some other rules still exist. In a correct IP address, there will be 4 parts and 3 dots. The parts will be formed with the dots. But check the IP address In this IP address becomes false due to the 4 dots and the 5 parts. With the false IP address, you cannot do anything else. Even you cannot login.
Until you log in to the router, you cannot setup setting. Because to setup settings, you have to use administrative tool what you will get inside of the router. To use that tool, you have to know the correct IP address or that IP address what has been using in the router. You can know the correct default IP address by reading the router manual or guide what you will get inside of the router. Or you can open CMD and type the “ipconfig” command on that page to know the default gateway. The default gateway is the running IP address of your router and you can use this IP address to access the administrative tool from the router and after login to the router, you can use this IP address for checking the connectivity of the router. On the browser address bar, type the IP address what you have found to use and press enter button. Now the login form will appear where you type the default username and password and press the Enter button again or click on the Log in button. Once you have logged in the router, use the wizard tool to setup the device for Wi-Fi quickly. You can setup setting manually but you do this if you are a master of this.
Manual settings are important things for experts only but all of the users set up settings for the Wi-Fi security. Wi-Fi security cannot be completed with the wizard tool. Then you have to enable all those options manually. For securing the Wi-Fi, you will get many options what you should enable. In the Wi-Fi security feature, you will get Wi-Fi password what you should enable. Wi-Fi Encrypted feature is a very important thing and if you enable this feature, then you can secure the Wi-Fi in the best way. Open MAC filtering feature for controlling the devices which want to connect your Wi-Fi.
You must not change the default IP address. The default IP address is a necessary thing and this IP address may need later for checking the connection status between the router and computer. For checking the connection, you need to use ping with the IP address as “ping” or “ping -t”. This command will be used on the Command Prompt page. If the connection is not properly setup, then you can identify the problem with the command. But if you use false IP address with the ping command, then you will get the error only.
Now you know how to recover the default IP address and how to use that IP address. But now you need to know the IP address what makes the IP address false. You cannot use somethings like a letter, word or any type of symbol in the IP address. Even you cannot give any space in the IP address. Space can make the IP address false. When you form the IP address, then you must ensure that you must not put anything else what can make the IP address wrong.